The I Love Brand X!™ course

Professional Certificate in Communication Arts [Brand Communications] 48 HOURS

Gross, T.S., author of Micro Branding said everyone is a brand—a neighbour is a brand, a friend is a brand, a son is a brand and Metropolis says EVEN BRAND X IS A BRAND!… so how do we constantly maintain the brand space and memory of the brands we are marketing today?

How do we make brands personal? No sweat! This course is nothing like textbook courses offered by many. Students will be able to FULLY understand the foundation and purpose of a brand. Students can expect to learn PR and Advertising and Media relating topics, including fundamentals of Corporate Identity. Knowledge in Design Studio Practice is strongly recommended.

Developing and maintaining a brand will not be that daunting anymore. If you are an entrepreneur, a brand executive or a corporate communications executive this course is definitely for you. Hail to the real brand police!

At the end of 24 sessions, you will be conferred the Professional Certificate in Communication Arts (Brand Communications).

Let's get personal.


48 hours


"Every brand is a brand whether good brand bad brand or brand X!"

Entry requirements
Anyone in marketing, advertising or design can join! Basic DTP software knowledge will be a blast!