Frequently Asked Questions

Does the course fee includes all necessary learning materials such as notes, etc?
Yes, we provide printed notes for the lesson proper. However, students will have to bear their own printing cost for assignments.

How many assignments am I expected to do?
Tonnes! Metropolis Academy of Communication Arts doesn't believe in short changing our students as our mission is to ensure you get good portfolios.

What if I miss a lesson? Can I make up in a separate lesson?
We discourage students from missing lessons, however in this event, you will be given a soft copy version of the lesson notes.

We do not provide single makeup lessons. Students can always consult their trainer on the next lesson.

What if I have to miss a series of lessons?
In this event, you will have to make up with a fee of $150 per lesson missed. The make up lesson may not be equivalent to the sessions missed. For example, if you miss 3 sessions, the makeup lesson might be completed in one session.

When can I expect to get my certificate?
You can expect to get your certificate on the last lesson of the course. $30 delivery charge applies if you miss the final lesson.

For questions not listed here
You can always write to us here.