The Designer Wannabe No More!™ course

Professional Certificate in Communication Arts [Design Porfolio] 48 HOURS

Everyone wants to be a designer at a certain stage in his/her life. However, many do not get to pursue it due to uncertainties and the stigma of "OH, YOU CANNOT MAKE MONEY BEING A DESIGNER." 

Metropolis doesn't want students to live with a 'what if' regret. Life is that short, therefore The Designer Wannabe No More! course is written for designer wannabes who want to have a tryout—either in the industry or pursue further studies with a diploma. This course will cover in-depth topics into the design practice delivered by our trainer with over 15 years of experience in this field.

The unique component about this professional course is that students will be able to obtain portfolio pieces that span across graphic design and advertising, showcasing their design capability in order that they may be considered as an intern or a full-time designer by agencies.

Expect quality portfolio pieces that include logo design, brochure design, advertising design etc.

This course is complemented with the CUSTOMISED DESIGN STUDIO PRACTICE which includes Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator  to ensure the portfolio pieces are truly METRO-POLISHED™!

At the end of the 24 sessions, students will be conferred the Professional Certificate in Communication Arts (Design Portfolio). Wait no more.

Early Bird

Commencing AUGUST! Email us for course schedule!


If you doodle in school when you are bored out of your socks during a boring lecture—YOU ARE A DESIGNER WANNABE!
Come to the force!

Entry requirements
Everyone is welcome to join!