The I Am Not Just A Layout Artist!™ course

Professional Certificate in Communication Arts [Editorial Design] 48 HOURS

Many say not more than 3 typefaces, few say be explosive. This professional course is targeted at everyone who wants to improve his/her basic layout skills to super editorial design prowess through intensive case studies, hands on and oh well... a few theories of layout fundamentals.

Be amazed by the many different ways to improve your current editorial design skills with projects such as consumer and corporate magazines.

Students can expect to be exposed to the various layout techniques, discussions, myth-breaking theories, print and binding techniques plus many more.

This course is complemented with the ADOBE® INDESIGN and expect ultra METRO-POLISHED™ publication as your portfolio! 

At the end of 24 sessions, students will be conferred the Professional Certificate in Communication Arts (Editorial Design).

You'll never be just a layout artist after this.


48 hours


"OEI, why use so many typeface? Why use only 3 typefaces? Why not be explosive and be different?"
Come to the dark side.

Entry requirements
Students with design knowledge or Visual Arts short course students. Basic computer skills will be a blast!