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Anthon Damien Kiong

Founder and Principal Trainer
Anthon Kiong

Founder and Principal Trainer Anthon Damien Kiong hails from various industries from Advertising, Media, WEB, Print, Retail Advertising to Creative agencies. With over 15 years of industry experience and 11 years of training experience, Anthon shares not only industry experience but is also able to use his life experiences to motivate and inspire students.

Prior to Metropolis, Anthon was a lecturer, curriculum developer and Academic Director for over nine years with many institutes including Institute of Advertising Singapore. PSB Academy etc.

With over 600 students trained till date that bear testimonial to his training style, he now embarks on a new journey with Metropolis Academy of Communication Arts to provide TRUE NO HOLDS BARRED communication arts training to aspiring students.

His unorthodox training style—often humourous—sets a different experience for students under his tutelage.

Besides inspiring students, Anthon Kiong is also an entrepreneur and he operates a creative boutique agency Shooting Fish Communications, Plankton photography studio and a designer-eyewear distribution company.

Nik Kiong
Specialist TrainerNik Kiong

Nik Kiong is the co-founder of Raindance Corporate Design and is currently holding the title of Principal Creative Director. For the past 13 years, Nik was responsible for the creation of a myriad of Annual Reports, Newsmagazines, Corporate Collaterals and Corporate Identities for several high profile MNCs.

Graduating from the prestigious Fashion Institute of Technology (F.I.T.), New York, with a Bachelors Degree in Graphic Design and an Associate Degree in Advertising, Nik found the experiential and informal teaching style in F.I.T. fascinating and effective. Nik believes that this methodology can help students here learn, retain and apply their knowledge more effectively too. All thanks to his experience in New York, the passion for teaching was lighted and he can now impart his experience to students here.

Nik's teaching career came way before Raindance's birth. Before the founding of his design firm, he was a lecturer and was promoted to the Head of Department to aid the marketing and promotion of the design arm of the school. It was through heading the department and teaching at the same time that he was able to see the education industry holistically.

In addition to maintaining an existing Graphic Design Diploma course then, he also successfully created the curriculum for Diploma in Advertising; Diploma in Fashion Design; as well as Diploma in Fine Arts; all of which were accredited by Blackburn College of UK.

The fire in teaching never left Nik. Now after a long hiatus, and armed with new perspectives, Nik is now back at Metropolis Group of Communication Arts.