Met Philosophy

Greetings and welcome to Metropolis Academy of Communication Arts, a place created for every one of you—to pursue something in communication arts—whether it is for interest, career or improving your current skill-sets.

Unlike other institutes, Metropolis is founded by an educator, not a businessman. Being a trainer for over 11 years and over 600 students, I have come to realise that many establishments' foundation values are often business related. I would like to put training at top priority, not how much money is made. I want to create a place where we do not short change students and give them what is REALLY required in the industry. I see this as a place where every individual realises that he/she IS creative and eliminate the general concept that creativity requires talent alone. This is a place where everyone is nurtured to be a creative superstar in their own right. The courses are designed and written for you—anyone of you. That is the promise of Metropolis.

Being a freshman in any industry is equally hard today. However, the exciting thing to know about this industry is that all you need is a good portfolio, quest for knowledge and willingness to work hard for it. It doesn't sound that difficult after all right?

Many institutes' vision is how they want to be "first", "leading", "biggest" etc. Our vision is YOU. We want you to excel after receiving training from us. We want you to succeed in the industry.

You are better than you think you are. Sir Ken Robinson once said, "If you are not prepared to go wrong, you probably won't come up with anything original". So what have you got to lose?

I invite you to be metropolished™.

Anthon Damien Kiong
Founder and Principal Trainer

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Overpromise? Sure, many institutes today promise the sun and the

We don’t.

Our vision is
YOU, we want you to succeed in this industry.